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Why change 1 life when you can change 5000 at once!

My Mission is to “Empower people to change the way they think, believe, behave and communicate in such a way that empowers others”. 

Running presentations, key note speeches and workshops internationally, I am achieving my mission… and on a massive scale. 

I get incredible results in my face to face programs and I really love to be in front of the masses,  to see and feel the shifts that happen as I talk and facilitate workshops gives me the shivers.

Partnering with other professionals and organisations to deliver life changing workshops and presentations is an opportunity to consider.

The following are upcoming events I have scheduled.

If you would like to speak to me about attending an event or partnering with us to host of have a specific Elite Mindset Institute event please contact us

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Mykala Volka
If only I knew when I stepped into Stuart Walter's office that my life would change so profoundly and so quickly I would have gone many years before. What I now know is that I had to keep experiencing my ups and downs in life until I went through another rock bottom heart breaking event which lead me to Stuart. From my inutero experience where it all began I had black despair from then onwards throughout my life up until recently! I’ve also had lots of magical moments with my divine children which are of pure unconditional love, joy and happiness! I mostly remember as a child always crying. I was given up for adoption at birth and was raised in a family of lots of ups and downs to say the least. I continued this pattern until last year. Stuart helped me turn my life around in what I couldn’t even have imagined. It was like flicking a light switch and ta-da I finally got ‘it’. My life turned from ups and downs of craziness to pure greatness in one hour! No wonder I liked to call him ‘Miracle man’ What Stuart did for me that day I’ll be forever grateful and will hold it in my heart always. I had not eaten or slept for two weeks when I met Stuart after a heart break from a relationship that had ended. I looked at least several years older then I actually was, with a grey tone over my face and my sore eyes heavy with tears. Stuart was able to allow me to remove my past habits of living a life of trauma which l had become so familiar with I subconsciously continued to attract in my life and what he did was allow me to turn my life into pure magic!!!When asked by Stuart how would I describe my past 43yrs I said to him ‘Traumatic ‘ and he said how would you like to live your life from this point on and I answered’ Magical’. I left Stuart’s office that day with actual colour of pink glow in my cheeks and a smile on my face. I went from a broken closed heart to an open heart with only love towards the person I allowed to hurt my heart and all my past traumatic life situations. I was able to see and feel what had happened from a totally different perspective.I gained back my weight and health and connection with my inner being on an even deeper level and now feel joyful, happiness and love always. If situations arise as they always will I now have the tools and ability to turn the biggest hurdles in life into blessings and grow from them.From my life changing experience with Stuart I have decided that I too would like to help people on their journey and make a difference. Stuart has left an imprint on my heart that will go on forever. Thank you from the deepest part of my soul, Mykala
Armin KThe Corporation
Since our Group session, all three businesses have had a whopping 50% increase in productivity, profts and a signifcant increase in client satisfaction. This is mostly due to the clear focus and direction that each of our 
individual team member’s adopted after doing the ‘Target Exercise’ with 
Stuart which when applied to the business allowed everyone to focus on 
the same target and travel in an aligned direction
Mireille RyanAward winning entrpreneur and CEO of SMMI (Social Media & Marketing Institute)
I have invited Stuart to speak at my events plus also presented on stage with 
him at other events and he is the consummate professional. Each time I see 
him Ispeak, he captures the heart and mind of the audience on many levels. I 
have seen people so in tune with his message, that they have a deep 
emotional shift and have shed tears. My favorite part is when he has 
members of the audience come on stage and break wood with their bare 
hands – people who did not believe they could do it, are forever changed when he helps them succeed. I have my broken pieces of wood in my office so I can always remember that I can achieve anything when I set my mind to