Elite Mindset Institute Events

Why change 1 life when you can change 5000 at once!

My Mission is to “Empower people to change the way they think, believe, behave and communicate in such a way that empowers others”.

Running presentations, key note speeches and workshops internationally, I am achieving my mission… and on a massive scale.

I get incredible results in my face to face programs and I really love to be in front of the masses,  to see and feel the shifts that happen as I talk and facilitate workshops gives me the shivers.

Partnering with other professionals and organisations to deliver life changing workshops and presentations is an opportunity to consider.

The following are upcoming events I have scheduled.

If you would like to speak to me about attending an event or partnering with us to host of have a specific Elite Mindset Institute event please contact us

The Next EMI Events




Held Monthly in my Brisbane office... The Locker Room.

The place to share Peak Performance Mindset Secrets.

Having worked with 34 World Champions I know a thing or 34 about how to get the the most from the elite. just Imagine what is possible if you had a 9% reduction in results in under 2 months!

Numbers are strictly limited to 11 due to the size of the room.

The next Locker Room is Wednesday 18th July at 10am -12 pm.

See the EMI Facebook page for bookings, location and event details.

Held Monthly in my Brisbane Office... The Board Room

The Board Room is the place for business owners and Entrepreneurs to learn the Peak Performance Mindset Strategies that will help you smash through the mental barriers for success.

See the EMI Facebook page for further details, location and to book.

Numbers are strictly limited to 11 due to the size of the Board Room.

The next Board Room is Wednesday 1st August 2018.

See the EMI Facebook page to book and to receive all the details for location, times and details.

Gallery from various EMI events


If only I knew when I stepped into Stuart Walter's office that my life would change so profoundly and so quickly I would have gone many years before. What I now know is that I had to keep experiencing my ups and downs in life until I went through another rock bottom heart breaking event which lead me to Stuart .- Mykala VolkaI have invited Stuart to speak at my events plus also presented on stage with 
him at other events and he is the consummate professional. Each time I see 
him Ispeak, he captures the heart and mind of the audience on many levels. - Mireille RyanIf I could give 10 out of 5 I would.Stuart doesn't just come into your life. He is a sign of serious and permanent change and growth. If you show up and do the work, your life will never be the same. - Monica Ferguson