HOW to change your thoughts for awesome results, fundamental #3 of 16…

Everything we do is for a beneficial reason.

Everything we do has got a positive benefit… You may question this as much as you want and you will eventually conclude, at the deeper unconscious level, this may be right.

I specialise in the human mind and behaviours, it is the unconscious mind that really is in control. So as much as you say, ‘I am going to’, ‘I want to’ and ‘I should do’… your mind has other ideas.

If the unconscious mind is 3-5% of how we think act and behave, we must start to become aware of it. I have documented 16 fundamentals of the human mind and everyone of these is always at play … and all the time Each of these fundamentals operate at the deeper unconscious level so if you think that just by deciding to do something it will get done… think again.

If you are outside having a smoke and reading this, you will agree that you smoke for a positive benefit. You smoke to remove yourself from the office, a break from the kids and a bit of social time. See the positive? Smokers know that it is bad, physically and financially, yet they still do it because the short- term benefits out-weight the long- term risks.

Consider an overweight person then eats for a positive benefit. If you are thin you may not have understood this and have not got the emotional conflict here. They want to be thin, fit and healthy and unfortunately the benefits of being fit and healthy are outweighed (pun intended). If this person has been the target of unwanted attention or sexual abuse in the past. The mind goes into automatic self -protection mode and creates a ‘physical barrier’ around that person. As they lose weight, they begin to feel exposed and vulnerable and again the unconscious mind goes into protection and as a benefit… the weight goes on again. They feel comfortable not being noticed, they feel safe and therefor as I mentioned everything we do has a positive benefit.

OK, let’s consider the mind in business, if you are self-sabotaging or procrastinating, now consider, if I did that what would be the impact personally? It might be longer hours, greater risk, increased costs, more staff, more issues, greater stress or poor health. Again, your brain will slam the breaks on, so you do not put yourself at risk.

If you are not motivated in business, you will now start to see it is for some benefit.

If someone had been successful in business and it came to an end due to the business or a relationship breakdown and asset split. What would happen if this person was to build up an empire again? What would happen if it all came crumbling down again?

If a relationship has split, the last thing many want to do is to jump back into another relationship and fully commit! The brain will hold off automatically and avoid any opportunities to network, go to meetings and conferences etc.

The brain is incredibly powerful and incredibly stupid… and they all work the same way!


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