The Athlete's Secret Weapon 8 Week Online Program - Self Paced

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Brand: Athlete's Secret Weapon

38 World Champions Choose the Athlete's Secret Weapon for 1 reason... RESULTS.

Stuart Walter is the Athlete's Secret Weapon and he has combined all his knowledge and skills in to this program. it closely replicates the face to face sessions that his clients go through yet at a fraction of the price.

Now this program is available to any athlete, at any level, for any sport to help them to consistently perform under pressure when it counts.

Your existing results = Your potential - Your fears.

in this equation, it is clear that fears are the limiting factor and fear is a response to a stimulus.

This 8 week online program is a step by step weekly program that is a combination of over 13 years of knowledge as a professional practitioner in dealing with the elite in sport and business.

Results from this program are amazing and when you click on this link below you can have a look at the full detail of the program.

The Athlete's Secret Weapon 8 week online program website

The program price may vary as the website cart is shown as $495 USD (The latest comparison rate is $749 AUD)

If you prefer to see Stuart for a more personal program please email stuart@elitemindsetinstitute.com.au

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