EMI Brands, Programs and Products


Over the last 13 years, I have evolved myself, the business, the structure, the brands and as I have worked with incredible people and have had opportunities to create additional brands, programs and products to help others’.

What you see below are links to my Speaking website and services, links to The Dear Diary Process website, (even though it is included in the enrolment program, it can be purchased separately).

I am also very very proud of my world first collection of stories designed for kids, if you are a parent, here is the instruction manual you always wanted.

And the FitMind collection of programs, all available on- line and a very powerful way to get your head around specific areas of life.


Our Brands, Programs and Products

When Stuart Walter talks, strange things happen! People laugh, they cry, some go internal and find this amazing potential in themselves others want to run out of the room and hide. One thing that happens amongst all this is a massive shift in ways that must be seen and experienced to be believed. If you are looking for something and someone different for your next Seminar, Conference, Key Note speaker… give Stuart a call. Check out Stuart’s speaking website at www.stuartwalter.com

The Dear Diary Process was an idea created when Stuart was working with a professional golfer. The Golfer made a comment, the comment got Stuart thinking. A concept was created and as Stuart was explaining this with his knowledge, this process was created. The results were immediate and mind blowing overnight…  The Dear Diary Process was born.

The concept grew and expanded until it was a 30 page booklet and by using the process himself overnight, Stuart got a publisher for his book and now it is available worldwide for everyone to take control and transform their lives.

Check out the website at www.thedeardiaryprocess.com


Firstly and proudly… I am a husband and father of an amazing young man, he is 12 now, and just starting high school. during my time training I found a way that kids respond to stories, so when the opportunity presented itself while on a travelling holiday, my concept was tested with brilliant results. I am the Creator and Author of Meta4Kids, short stories for long term change. I am proud to be able to share this world first concept and collection of short stories for kids with you. Check out the Meta 4 Kids website at www.meta4kids.com
FitMind came about as a result of a discussion between the former  CEO of Health Guru Industries, Mireille Ryan. In Mireille’s fitness business, she found that those clients who attended the boot camp sessions and followed the nutrition advice, achieved excellent results. With the same trainers doing the same exercises and following the same plans, did not commit, they slept in, emotionally ate, procrastinated and obviously didn’t achieve the same results. Mireille knew these negative behaviours were the result of mindset, so she asked Stuart to put together a program based on his years of experience working with people in a similar situation. FitMind was born! and now FitMind for Life has expanded to FitMind for Weightloss, FitMind for Business, FitMind for Students and FitMind for Network Marketing. Check out the website at www.fitmindonline.com
The Athlete’s Secret Weapon on-line

I get it… you are here because you are looking for an answer to the inconsistency. You want to manage the nerves, you know you have done all the training and you are not feeling it converting. You are starting to question, am I really good enough?

Hey, that was me. A struggling martial artist (Tae Kwon Do) I was travelling 2 weeks a month in my career, I was very good and fighting yet, very inconsistent. I had huge pressures financially as the sport paid nothing. Athlete’s Secret Weapon