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This is the place where those sporting dreams become a reality.

Now you have found this page and ‘secret’ that World Champions choose, what now?

Now you have a choice, based on your commitment to you and your budget.

Do you test the water with some free stuff? it will help you to get to know me and to build the support to work with me longer or find something else to help you.

Would you prefer to embark on an online program?

Would you like to go for Bronze, Sliver or GOLD?

Either way, these days with sport being as fast paced as it is with $millions, medals and premierships up for grabs, you must be doing some level of mindset coaching.

If you think you are strong enough mentally, no worries. just be aware that mentally stronger athletes are the winners, not necessarily those with the best skills.

If you think think sports hypnosis and NLP will not work for you, I am happy for you to talk to any 1 of the 40 World Champions that choose me to help them get their head in the game. 

Stuart Walter, the Athlete’s Secret Weapon. 



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Sheila E

Singer, Revolution

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Luke Perry

Swim instructor, Fresh Pool

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Sharon Tate

Helpdesk, Actress