I would like to introduce you to Jordan Woods.

An incredibly dedicated athlete, who has committed themselves totally, to the pursuit of becoming the World #1.

Jordan has incredible natural talent and has the desire to be the best in the world. Just one thing has been stopping them, Fear! And this shows up on the critical day as nerves, doubt, second guessing, inconsistent results and stress.

This inner belief of Jordan’s is amazing and just approaches every training session with 100% attack and commitment, the results in competition just don’t match the effort put in.

Jordan, the coach, parents and friends are frustrated, they put in all the hard work and support over all these years and something is just not clicking.

Jordan is a very well- known athlete that does a lot of work in the community, the number of kids inspired by this, is amazing. Parents love Jordan because they are always positive, a great role model and is the epitome of a sports star.

Jordan has incredibly supportive team around them and an amazing partner who is just soo proud and a little frustrated. Knowing they could be soo much better. If they just performed as in training, Jordan is an absolute superstar in the making. Because of this, Jordan wants to do really well…but the want ‘to do well’ and stress placed on themselves, seems to stifle them when the pressure is on.

Jordan is willing to do anything to achieve and has exhausted the ‘typical’ mindset methods and sports psychologists just can’t get through, they find it too backward in thinking and non- performance based. As much as meditation relaxes … something was missing and they did not know what it was. Technique and coaching are spot on, the food and self- care are high priority. The only thing missing was the glue holding it all together when it matters.

Along came Stuart Walter, a highly professional peak performance hypnotist and Jordan seemed to transform overnight. This was done through this incredible belief Stuart has in his athletes, and that support and encouragement paved the way for Jordan’s incredible success. All Stuart had to do was to get Jordan to believe in in themselves as much as he did and as much as the rest of the world does.

Jordan was totally immersed into the process that is now just part of training using the tools and resources Stuart created. The process and Stuart just slotted seamlessly into the already supportive team as just another person in the team of specialists creating this sporting star.

Jordan is very pleased to invest into their future and Stuart’s time and skill to achieve this real purpose. They have become great friends and have even traveled together around the world for those special sporting moments.

Stuart was asked, “what made Jordan soo successful and why did you get a full chapter their book?” Stuart’s reply was simple. “Fear is that one thing that stops us from achieving, here we have an incredible athlete who trains like a World Champion and just does not perform when the pressure is on. They created this self doubt and all we did by working together, was to eliminate all the factors that were holding them back”. “Jordan had all the skills and determination, the best coaches and support team and I was just the one that released the inner fear to allow the team and Jordan to do their thing”. “To then add to this, we set up an internal switch that was activated at the unconscious level and it just transformed them into what you see on TV and at in the stadium.

If only people were to look outside the ‘normal’ and ‘traditional methods’ of mindset performance and well-being and they too would be at the top of their game.” Because of this Jordan is now secure for the future, they can live life on their terms and travel the world inspiring the kids of today and in key note speeches to professional industries and corporate teams and giving back to the future of world sport, the kids!

Jordan is always the first to say that “unless you have a dream and are willing to invest your time, sweat and money into it, it is just not going to work. Sure, you can get a quick fix, you also understand that to get to become the World Champion, I had to beat a World Champion! And now… I am here I am staying here, and Stuart is a major part of my strategy”.

Jordan is the ideal (made- up client) for me, Stuart Walter. They possess all the attributes as outlined above. Jordan is the person that gets the best benefit and with whom, I do my best work with. If Jordan sounds like you or someone you know, please connect, tag them or pass on my details. This is an Olympic year and thousands of Jordan’s are out there and this may just be the solution they were looking for.


Stuart Walter,

The Athlete’s Secret Weapon. The Choice of 37 World Champions and counting.