Words have power, you have probably never seen it like this though.


I am constantly amazed by people. People I thought were influencers, leaders and inspirations to many.

Recently I was scrolling through the social media pages, as you do in Covid lockdown.

Words have incredible power to lift and to inspire, like this one!

I have modified it (very slightly) to protect this person.


Stay with me here, keep moving with me here and go back and look only after the next image I show you.

Now this same image using exactly the same words, in the same order and with a slight pause between each becomes, what we call in my profession, an embedded command.

A slight pause longer that the usual between words verbally….. or ……in …..writing can have a devastating effect.

Sure, you can read this consciously and all seems fine. It is when the words are slowed, emotion inserted that the true message comes through loud and clear for the unconscious mind to remember.

Not sure what I mean? Here is a ‘varied copy’ of what I read on a post… leave a 1 second gap between words with … and read each word individually or each comment separated by … as an direct command.

As an example … Limit your challenges.


Wow! Inspirational hey, did you feel the directness of the pushback?

Even the comment ‘impossible is possible’ can mean, ‘yes you are right, it is impossible to achievable’ therefor it will always remain impossible. This is a deeper thought process to really understand.

This post to inspire can also be a subtle ‘call to failure’ for your unconscious mind.

When you consider communication is only 7% words, what is the other 93% of you doing with this list of negatives?

This is a powerpoint slide I show in my presentations. Typically this is where cameras come out and people get excited by the inspiration.

Look at it closely and you will see the highlighted words… Never, failure, struggle, don’t, impossible, limits, you wont, give up!

Unfortunately, the only way to use these image and memes effectively, is to understand what the intention of the message is and spin the wording in a positive that deep down stirs you into positive and beneficial actions


So be awesome, have fun, love life and dream big! That a better way of saying it!


Again, be awesome,

Stuart Walter