Like attracts like, soo basic, yet soo powerful, once you understand it.

The people you are around now are like -minded people, this is who you are too!

If you are feeling unworthy, insecure, negative and lack confidence. You will be hanging around people like that, because it makes you feel normal and needed.

If you are an elite athlete, you will be hanging around similar people, not the insecure and negative ones… unless you are.

Additionally, if you are wealthy and have a driven personality, you will be surrounded by similar people.

Relationships break up because sometimes the person we were, changed and your partner does not. We see things differently, we have different needs and we grow apart.

If you have an abundant mindset, you will be focused on the future challenges and successful outcomes, your life would reflect this by the places you go, the experiences you have and the things you invest your time and energy on.

Look back into your past and see the people you spent your time with, if they are no longer in your circle of influence, do you think they changed or have you changed? If they are still around you now, have you not changed or have they changed with you?

I have been married before and I know the person I was by the person I was with. The person I am now is reflected in my new Wife, and she is awesome! Have a look around in café’s and restaurants. When you go to business meetings, everyone seems to be the same.

Rap artists all wanted to be so different they have ended up being the same!

Eco warriors want to be different and… yes, they all look similar.

People in low social economic environments all hang out together and talk the same negative and blaming ways.

It is obvious that we must become the person we choose to be, then we will attract those likeminded people.

Understand that as much as you grow into other people’s lives, you may also grow away from others.

Family are always great for this, families are generally forced together in celebration, like Christmas, this is where massive conflict exists. Some family members drift apart then come back together though experiences. A family member may move away creating a split and a baby comes along and brings them closer again.

Some children may be close as kids and then drift apart as situations and experiences change them. Differences in beliefs, habits, lifestyle choices and behaviour will influence who you are and who you attract.

The brain is incredibly powerful and incredibly stupid… and they all work the same way!

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