Without a direction, motivation is not possible

If you are going around in circles and you get motivated… you will go in circles FASTER! If you are in a team and all going 15 directions and you get motivated, you will go in 15 directions faster!

I hear this all the time… “I am lost”. The first thing I do is to get my clients to look down, I ask them ‘can you see yourself?” Yes… well you are not lost! you just don’t know where you are going.

If you have no direction why would you get out of bed, why would you go to work?

Imagine a business owner saying to the employees for the day… “do what you want this year” what would get done? There must be a budget, a target, a list of outcomes and a time allocated to it… then action happens.

Consider an athlete, turns up to training, if they feel like it, no directions from a coach, no future competition, no structure and where is the motivation to push yourself?

With a clearly defined outcome connected to an emotion, motivation just appears. When you have a purpose greater than money and other selfish reasons, things just seem to work for you.

If someone says ‘I am not motivated’ I guarantee they do not have 1 clearly defined goal. If they say I am only motivated for a while I can guarantee they have a goal with no time set… or their goal is not large enough.

Having a direction, a mission or a clearly defined goal, can create motivation unlike you have never experienced. A single point of focus will eliminate distractions, it will remove fear, it builds resilience and opens opportunities to make this result possible.

Motivation also removes any limitations you may have picked up in your life. When people say, ‘that is not possible’ and ‘don’t be soo stupid’ or ‘just give up’ a single passionate focus can drill through all this and prove that it is possible.

And on motivation, all motivation is self- motivation. The greater the goals the more focus you need and therefore don’t be surprised if friends and family suffer, drift off or remove themselves from you.

No one other than you will to understand your drive, your direction or your mission in life. A good way to clear out those who are not going to support you or want to limit your success is to broadcast the world your intention.

Once you verbalise this it has 2 very powerful results, one is the clearing of those who are not going to support you and the other is now you have verbalised it, you have created ownership of the outcome and are more likely to achieve it!

No world champion or successful entrepreneur, actor, musician or artist has ever said ‘I never thought that would happen!’


The brain is incredibly powerful and incredibly stupid… and they all work the same way!

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