In business and life, there are experiences everyday.

Some highs, lead to incredible success and the lows lead to incredible… ‘learnings’. I say learnings, because if I say S–T people get offended.

Over the last 13 years of investing all my time and energy into helping others, 1 thing is clear, it is not the right way about it. The right way is different, it is not new, it is not revolutionary, it is simple… Run your own race!

Your future, your speed, your way and keep focused on your path, your morals, values and don’t be taken off your purpose. When you are focused and making an impact, you will be amazed at the people that want to ride your success wave and benefit from you… or redirect you onto their journey. They offer the world and then when the time comes to exert any energy, they take offence and leave you feeling like you are the bad person.

Stop, breath, re-focus and use this energy to gain even more momentum… for you.

Remember that your success will also impact others. We love successful people in sport, science, the arts and in business, my research and experience in working with some of the best in the world also shows, we don’t like people we know being successful. It reflects badly on them, they could have done it, they did not. Don’t be fooled into thinking those around you will be pleased with your success… Run your own race.

Growing up you may have heard ‘it is not good to be selfish’. I am here to tell you it is the best thing you can do, look after you. The best version of you can help more people. The best you when you focus on health and fitness is more energised and achieve more in less time, you can help more and be more.

The best you in business can employ more people and the best person in a relationship can whether any storm.

So I ask you, is selfish bad? How about changing the label to SELF FULL. This implies we need to fill ourselves up, and keep filling! If we are a jug of water and we keep pouring, we run dry, we are exhausted and no good to anyone. Self-full is receiving before giving. Imagine if the world just did a complete reset to this?

When you run your own race, you may well be alone, you may well be judged and you will be left questioning, what am I doing, is this the right thing and will I ever get there?

When you run your own race, amazing things do happen. You have a feeling unlike that of anything words can describe. Belief, confidence, knowing are somewhere close. Empowered is too generic, running your own race with confidence and vision also stops those predators wanting a free ride.

So question your race.

Where are you going?

Why are you going there?

Is this for you?

What do you need to change in you to be the person who can achieve this?

Then do it, fill yourself up with the right fuel, the right positive thoughts, connect to like minded people, build your energy, absorb good food, get fit, stay fit and get ready for the ride of your life. Is this easy, no! Is it worth it? yes!

You will find strength in the challenges, you will find belief in yourself, you will find that persistence in action is essential. You will need to stop and recover, you will need to be your own cheer squad and you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Define your race, what is the outcome?, why are you doing it? and ask yourself, what is the worst thing that can happen if I do not achieve this?

If you choose your actions, your emotions, your habits and your behaviours… you are in control! Take control, accept others are on their own journey and run your own race!