Yes, change your mind like changing your shoes! is this image, the start of a new trend or funny story?

This image was taken at work on the 25th July, it was me, and my different shoes.

I had this image up on FB (being a personal, not business related thing) and it gained many laughs and many people (both male and female) saying they had done the same thing… with totally different shoes.

Since the laughter has died down, an even more noticeable action has now crept into my morning routine. When I grab my shoes now, I walk into my bedroom and check ‘black-black’ or ‘brown-brown’. Even my wife does the same now!

I share this because I am fascinated in the human mind and how actions, reactions and habits are created and destroyed. 

I know having worked with thousands of people to change habits how they are created and how to destroy them. This is a great case study for me.

I did not notice them until I was at work, they are both RM Williams, the same size and fit, so you can understand not feeling a difference in the dark. The reality set in 40 mins later as I walked to get a coffee. That is when my instant reaction was embarrassment, then laughter… then the photo as you see it here! All day with clients and around a serviced office environment and no one noticed (or say anything if they did)

Habits are created over time an by you, this habit was created by me and now influences others. Something that has never happened before was the trigger for this new habit. What is the new trigger? getting the shoes? the memory of the embarrassment? or something else?

I have always been a believer that we switch habits. we get out of bed and not make it a habit, getting out of bed and making it is a habit. All we have to do is switch habits. smoking to non smoker, procrastinator to action taker. they are all switches, This one is a totally new inclusion.

What can you change in you today to benefit yourself, you can change this habit by making a decision and it can be done as quickly as changing your shoes. With the right intention and action (repeated action) this becomes an new automatic response over time.

And who knows who you may influence! it could be your kids, your partner, your work colleagues.

Have a fun day checking out peoples shoes!

Stuart Walter,


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