Fundamental #1

You are in control.

You choose your actions, behaviours and beliefs, you choose your emotions. Therefore, you choose to be motivated or to relax. You choose to smile or you choose to be angry. You can choose to be successful or average.

If you think other people are controlling you, think again, you were in control to allow them to control you.

No one can frustrate you, no one can make you angry. You are the one that chooses to be frustrated by something or someone, you choose to be angry, just like you choose to laugh or love.

I had a person 8 years ago now who called and asked if I could help her as the doctor has told her she had 3 months to live and she want to die feeling at peace… so I hung up on her! She called back and said that the phone must have dropped out. I said no, I hung up on you.

After hanging up about another 4 times she realised that I was in fact teaching her something. I said… “you go away and call me back when you have decided how long you are going to live” later that day she called back and said I am going to live for another 25 years! So, I booked her in… that was 8 years ago and she is still going strong, the cancer has cleared and she is travelling around Australia and still sending me amazing photos of her life via Facebook!

What I am getting at here is… no one has the right to tell you what you can do, who you can be or when you are going to die! You make the rules and you are now in control!

In your life being in control can scare many people, I find people as much as they are in control have passed this control to someone else. If you find yourself compromising a lot, when this maybe you. If you are always saying ‘sorry’ this maybe you.

In the past, someone may have hurt you, if you are hiding from life, taking it easy or self-sabotaging, you are still being controlled by that person and that situation. Even if you say I have dealt with that, maybe consciously you have forgotten it, unconsciously it is still in there and as much as you may think it is gone, I can guarantee this situation and emotional connection to it, is still dictating your actions and responses.

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